The Best Meters to Help Maintain Good Blood Sugar Levels

Glucometers help you maintain good blood sugar levels by providing swift and accurate readings of your blood glucose. American Diabetes Services offers a wide variety of diabetes test meters from our diabetes supplies division, Support Plus Medical. But how can you know which blood glucose testing method is best for you? We've provided a list of available blood glucose testing monitors along with comments from consumers like you, for whom good blood sugar levels are also a daily priority. Hearing what other diabetics think of the performance and reliability of these diabetes testing meters may help you make a more informed decision before you buy.

Types of Diabetes Test Meters Available from Support Plus Medical

TrueRead and Truebalance Blood Glucose Monitors by HDI

"This meter worked very well, the display was large, and the process was easy. You put a drop of blood on the test strip and it tests in just under 1 min."

Voice by Prodigy

"The FIRST to consider those of us with poor vision."

Pocket by Prodigy

"Tiny and cute too! This is the perfect accessory for testing on-the-go."

AutoCode by Prodigy

"They do not repeat test results audibly nor do they articulate the testing history which can be seen on the screen. If you miss the reading, you must repeat the test."

Lifescan OneTouch Ultra

"You can add comments to your readings or flag them as before or after meals. It seems to be just the right combination of helpful features that help keep tighter control. I love it."

Abbott FreeStyle LiteTM

"This is the latest generation of the Freestyle meters. It offers some of the standard inclusions that you would expect in any modern meter for blood glucose testing today. 5 second tests, compatibility with alternate sites, and more."

Bayer Ascensia® BREEZE2® Blood Glucose Monitoring System

"When I first found out these test strips were on a disc, I thought, "No way!" I was so used to the old way of loading strips. Ascensia really has made this easy."

Bayer Ascensia® Contour® and Contour® TS Blood Glucose Meters

"This is by far the easiest and one of the fastest blood sugar monitors I have seen. This unit does exactly what I need it to do and is fairly inexpensive (I even bought a second one to keep at work)."

Roche Accu-Chek® Compact Glucose Meter

"Easy to use, convenient."

Roche Accu-Chek® Aviva

"Fast, simple, and accurate."

Roche Accu-Chek® Active Glucose Meter

"One of the most popular picks for newly diagnosed diabetics because it is easy to use, small enough that you can take it almost anywhere with you, and gives accurate readings."

Roche Accu-Chek® Advantage Glucose Meter

"Small, case included, simple and easy to use and understand."

For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels at a Good Price...

Remember, your insurance may cover one or more of these diabetes test meters for blood glucose testing. Depending on your insurer, blood sugar level monitors may come with good discounts-they may even be free. After you've read consumer reviews and narrowed down your search, you may want to fill out our form at our diabetic supplies division, Support Plus Medical, to determine if you qualify for free diabetes test meters.